About us

We're for social causes

We exist for non-profits, social enterprises, community groups, activists, politicians and individual citizens, Empowering Communities Through Education.

At Edugrantz, we're committed to fostering a culture of education right within your community. We understand the pivotal role education plays in shaping the future of individuals and societies alike. That's why we work hand in hand with communities and local governments to ensure that education is accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.

We work at a deeply local level, partnering with communities and local governments to create a culture centered around education, ensuring that children have access to education from the earliest point in their life through at least 9th grade.

Working with the parents, we ensure that children are given the resources and support necessary to earn a quality education. In addition to our local programs, we provide service opportunities for young people, families, and companies who also believe in the power of education.